Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I remember when....

I remember the day that we found out that I was going to be the mother of twins. Most mothers will typically know if they are having multiples within their first trimester when they have their first ultrasound. I found out at 24 weeks when I went to find out the babies gender. 

 It was a January afternoon and I had to leave for my appointment without my fiance because he was called to work a hour later than usual and meet me there. I remember being so anxious, awkward, nauseous and scared all at the same time (talk about prego hormones- geesh!) 

They called me into the exam room, meanwhile my fiance had not arrived yet. I asked them if I could wait for him because I wanted to find out together- but got denied, it was a busy day and they were jam packed with back to back appointments. 

I laid on the exam chair as the ultrasound technician and her intern started preparing the ultrasound gel and all that good mushy warm goodness onto my belly. So she's rubbing the hand held device over my belly and I'm holding back tears because this is my first actual ultra sound and I got overwhelmed with emotions- I found out I was pregnant later on in my pregnancy so I practically missed my whole first trimester completely, but thats another story. 

I turn my face away for a second as I wiped away my tears so I didn't look like cry baby in front of these two complete total strangers. As my head was turned the tech goes, "Oph! there's the first baby!" First baby? Wait a minute, can you rewind back a second? I replied with, "First baby!?" I guess the look on my face said it all because this lady just started bursting out in laughter. I did not even know I was pregnant 3 weeks ago and now not only am I pregnant..I'm pregnant with twins!@#$?! Talk about emotion overflow at this very second.

 I finally get my blood pressure elevated and calm down a bit trying to keep a straight face as my finance walks (he might as well be skipping- he was so excited) into the exam room- boy was he in for a surprise- LOL I so wish I recorded it. First words out of his mouth, "What'd I miss?.. is it a boy or a girl?" he asked anxiously.  I told him that we still don't know yet but there's something that I needed to tell him. I guess by the way I said it, it made him think something was wrong because his attitude changed to his concerned, scared, nervous persona. I reassured him that everything was okay and let the technician break the news to him as I watched the color from his face flush and come back within a matter of seconds- it still makes me laugh to this day to think of his reaction to my twin news- I thought he was going to faint bc his face turned white so fast. 

As my appointment went on, I swear this dude must have went to the "bathroom" ten times for 15+ minutes at a time. We all know he went to the bathroom to tweet, post, message, call every person on his contact list that he has the "Super Sperm" and that we're expecting twins. By the time my appointment is over I've already had 5 missed calls and a bunch of text messages- I dear not check my Facebook yet. 

So anyways I must tell you-- I have no idea how they can depict the images that pop up on the screen. Luckily, I had an awesome technician that pointed out everything that she saw, from legs to head to arms, their spines.. fingers etc. I just nodded and pretended I knew what it was because I didn't want to be that awful mother that can't tell her sons's hands from feet from the plasma surrounding it. 

I finally see something on the screen that looked something that kind of resembled a smushed face and I melted immediately. "Aweee, look! its my baby's face.. he's SOOOO cute!" -----FAIL!! It was my baby's butt- a face only a mother would love. **SIGH** 

My 30 minute appointment ended up being approximately an hour and a half long. They checked baby A and baby B's vitals and all that good stuff.  

Here's proud daddy......STILL making calls to people. <3 

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