Friday, September 28, 2012

Toddler Play Group. DAY 1

on our way to our 1st play group!
I didn't know what to expect and I must admit was quite nervous. We got picked up by their school bus and the driver was actually really nice- he assembled both car seats in a matter of minutes and had us all buckled down and ready to go in no time. 

First game we played---PUZZLES!!!
 The boys were kind of shy when we first got into the classroom. They kind of clung to my pant legs and moved every minimal movement I was able to move. One of the group leaders brought out puzzles and they sat down and behaved for about 45 seconds LOL. I'm kidding, they weren't too bad.

don't let this smile fool you, he bites! lol
 I was actually surprised that Mason was so happy during the group play. He skipped his morning nap and I was almost positive that he was going to be fussy while we were there. I guess he was so tired that he kicked into his hyper mood- hey! works for me :D

sensory play
 They boys LOVED this sensory table- and I loved that I didn't have to clean up afterwards.

mingling :D

more twins !!
 Treyden has this thing about holding onto toys and other items for as long as he could- he had the shovel in his hand for practically the whole day and wouldn't give it up.

 They so owned this. Most of the kids were just sitting in the corner playing with a ball..

 My sons were jumping and diving into the balls and throwing balls everywhere.

They might as well done cannonballs into the ballpitt.


Yeah, they were in here for quite some time....

 Oops I dropped the camera as I was taking a picture

And then they discovered the slide.

Oh, how cute. lol

That just about wraps up my morning.

 Bus ride home. They both knocked out about 2 seconds after I took this picture. I thought they would nap a little bit longer once they got home, but no.


-your going to group play, not the club: dress comfortably but be aware of what you are wearing. I thought I was being conservative by wearing a long sleeve flannel button up shirt to find out as I was putting on my seat belt (on the way home I must add) that 2 buttons had unbuttoned on its own sometime during the play group which I hadn't realized, exposing my bra and a whole mess of unnecessary cleavage. It was pretty embarrassing to think about. Anyways, my boys are pretty active so I made sure to wear sneakers and stretch pants . Also, you might want to wear layers or short-sleeves under your clothing- a)so you dont make the same mistake I did and b) it gets hot chasing after little toddlers in a room full of other little toddlers
-bring extra clothes for your son or daughter just in case: Kids get dirty/wet so easily
-most group play dates offer drinks and snacks: if your child has a food allergy let them know ahead of time.
-most toddlers haven't quite mastered the concept of sharing toys (mines included): frustration is bound to happen make sure you are around your son and daughter to help regulate


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