Friday, November 16, 2012


Mason & Treyden next to a 20lb turkey

I know, I know it's not throwback Thursday but I had to work yesterday so deal ;D

Last Thanksgiving my 11 yr old cousin made these adorable outfits for my baby boys.  Talk about cute pictures!!

Head piece: colored construction paper, scissors, stapler, brown lunch bag (cut leaves and stapled it onto a brown strip that fit their head)
Vest: Brown lunch bag (cut arm hole, bottom and straight down front or back side for the opening, we cut little "ruffles" or ripples along the edge for some flare but you cant see it)

Price: We had everything on hand so we didn't have to buy anything.

my little family <3
**You can use glue gun if you like, if you use a stapler- remember to leave the stapled side out so it doesn't poke/hurt my baby's head.

Mason and Treyden with their grandparents <3       



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