Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2012 LMFAO twin outfits

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We won first prize & Most creative costume

My twins and I at a Halloween party.

Leggins: Walmart & Target (girls section $4 each)
Wigs: ($8 each)
Glasses: Walmart (party section pack of 6 for $1.25)- I punched the "shades" out, then cut a strip of cardstock and glued it a long the top of the frame. Then cut gold squares using scraps of gold ribbon I had laying around and glued them on for embellishment
Tanktops: Target (boys section pack of 5 white t-shirts $11.00)- I cut the arms off the t-shirts and painted a shuffle dude on one shirt and "I'M IN MIAMI BUDDY"on the other shirt, originally wording had the "B" word on it but wanted to keep it PG
Twin chains: Dollar Tree (Christmas tree gold garland $1)- I used cardstock to make the "pendants" and just hot glued it to the garland, I didn'e even use half of the garland that was provided

Shufflebot Head:
Box: DollarTree (free- just ask someone for an empty box)
Gold paint: Home Depot ($4.87-- Who knew you needed ID to buy spray paint?!)
Mouth covering: Old tights that had runs in them- I knew I saved them for a reason!
Eyes: 2 Red Solo Cups, Black Acrylic Paint and 2 bicycle lights (I had these items laying around the house)


The wig takes a little getting used to

So does the glasses..

Treyden dancing

Close up of one of the shirts

Close up of the glasses


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  1. Nice creativity baby! You are looking so beautiful.

    Again another post.

    Red solo cup t-shirt