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CALLING ALL expecting MOTHERS of Twins!!

I don't know about you, but I've had mini panic attacks thinking about what I needed to get/buy to prepare for the arrival of my twin boys. So, I've formulated a little list of twin essentials and stuff that we've used for YOUR benefit- you can thank me later :D

 so here a a few items that I bought/used and absolutely lovee- (what to buy when expecting twins)

Mason practicing sitting in Trey's crib
We bought convertible cribs with warranty on them. I was able to fit both boys in one crib for a month or two- they just slept side by side on the horizontal-- I've eventually moved them to their own separate cribs where they still sleep today. We also invested in some really nice quality tempur-pedic mattresses for them($$$$). Any FIRM mattress should do but we figured that they'd be sleeping most of the time as infants we might as well let them sleep comfortably. They sleep through the night and I like to think the mattress has a lot to do with it :D

-Car seats: you'll need 2... or one for each baby. 
Look at how tiny they use to be!!!

these are the car seats we bought- a little on the heavier side but no complaints. I've actually gotten a lot of compliments on it as well.  I planned on passing all my stuff to my future nieces or nephews so we tried to not purchase any gender related color items. FYI: some hospitals require infants to do a carseat safety test (to see if your baby is able to hold his head/neck up on their own.) If your baby fails this test- you will be required to buy a baby sleeper car seat (I think that's what its called)-- its a car seat but is not reclined, it actually lays flat so your baby won't block his/her airway while in car rides. My twins both passed the test but I know another couple that had a son that didn't pass his car seat exam. They had trouble finding one and also mentioned that the sleeper seats can get pretty pricey. Here's an example of what one might look like:

-Clothes: my twins were born on the lighter side (4lbs 8oz and 5.01lbs) and born in the month of MAY. Even though the weather was hot outside and warm in the house, we had to constantly struggle with keeping their temperatures up for the first month or so. Baby hats- a must. onesies, long-sleeved outfits, baby socks, bibs- the usual. Keep in mind that during this time you'll probably be mostly home.. and spit ups are bound to happen-- I wouldn't worry about splurging on clothing just yet. PLUS, they grow just too darn fast.

-Swaddle blankets
: we swaddled the twins until they didn't fit the blankets anymore. The swaddle blankets have other usages as well, I've used them rolled up as mini pillows so they don't roll off the bed when they nap, as burping cloths and even as a bib. The hospital gave us a few of theirs (the white ones with red and blue stripes)-- I use those as cleaning rags for the house.

-Electronic double breast pump: I got mines through my insurance for free! You should definitely inquire about this and have it ready to go by the time you're in the hospital because you start producing breast milk right away.  Each hospital will have pumps that you can rent. They should also have a lactation consultant that will help/teach you how to breast feed and pump. My twins were born at 35 weeks gestation and didn't latch on right away, nor did I produce that much milk right away- don't let this discourage you. Those first few drops are liquid gold to your little ones.

-My brest friend twins deluxe pillow:
the boys after I just breast fed them at the same time on "Mybrestfriend"

This made it soo much easier to feed two babies at once, and it had the cushion on the back so I can lean on it which I absolutely loved. I was able to get them to feed at the same time so this was ideal for me. If you don't have the money for it, I suppose pillows should do the trick as well.

-Nipple shields: I mentioned earlier that my boys were born premature and one of my sons was actually in the NICU for 3 weeks (I was discharged without him)- While he was there he was being bottle fed so latching on to my nipple was pretty difficult. Here's a picture of what one looks like:,r:12,s:0,i:113&tx=38&ty=78. You just put the shield over your nipple and the baby thinks that its a bottle nipple and will suckle on it. They get use to the bottle nipple and you'll have to ween them off it. The lactation at the hospital actually gave me my nipple shields for free- it doesn't hurt to ask. I believe they run for around $8.00 retail.

-Bottles: if you hate washing bottles- Dr. Brown is not what you want. It's suppose to help with gas and acid reflux but my twins had those problems anyways. You don't need that many bottles unless you like to leave them all to the end of the day and wash all your bottles at once.We received 2 starter bottle packs of Dr. Browns and they were more than enough.

-Diapers & Baby wipes: We used Pampers Swaddlers when they were just born. When I did my registry I didn't know what to put or how many so I put 10 boxes of each size. I got a call from my friend laughing at me because I didn't realize that they grow so fast the first few months. I readjusted it to 2 boxes of newborns, 2-3boxes of size 1 and 4-5 of size 2. My boys are 15 months now and currently wearing a size 4 diaper. At first we went through 8 diapers every day for each baby- now we go through 4-6 diapers each. I believe they stayed in size 3 diapers for a while (I would stock up on those) But if anything you can always exchange unopened boxes for a bigger size.

The boys had sensitive skin when they were younger. Huggies brand wipes gave them the most awful diaper rashes imaginable. We still use Pampers wipes to this day, but as of diapers go we purchase which ever one is on sale or is the cheapest. We'll use the "cheaper" diapers during the day and use Pampers at night because we found that the other brands tend to leak overnight. Don't forget to get coupons in your Sunday Paper as well as signing up for emails for varies websites (like give free samples and send coupons to your house as well. 

-Diaper Genie or a separate trash can that has a lid: you'll definitely want one when they get older and start eating solid food AND drinking whole milk.

-Hand sanitizer, disinfectants, soap: the whole nine yards, I mean-how much do you really like your sleep? GERMS + weak/undeveloped immune systems= TWO sick babies. enough said.

-Bed sheets- accidents are inevitable-whether its throw up, spit up, or even leaking diapers. I stocked up on these. I would stay away from plain white sheets- dark colors are good because they hide stains easier but printed ones are just oh soo cute :)

my son Treyden in his Boppy pillow <3

 we got one for each baby and still use it to this day. I used it as a pillow while they rested and played, as an arm rest whenever I bottle fed them, as a nursing pillow- when I didn't feel like hauling out the brest friend, cushion for them as they were learning how to tummy time and sit, and they still lay on it when I give them bottle before night time as they feed themselves.  We got the plain white ones and bought fabric covers that we can easily slip on and off to wash.

-Stroller- So this one took a lot of research. A double stroller and a double twin stroller are not the same thing. Double strollers are for parents that have a toddler and an infant as the double twin strollers can fit 2 baby infants in it.

After months of searching I've decided on the Double Snap N Go( for when they're infants and switched to the City Mini Double Stroller ( when they were 6-7 months old.

We had a smaller car when the boys were born and the Snap n Go was our perfect solution. It was compact and had a huge basket underneath that held my diaper bag and a little compartment at the handle for your keys, it even had a cup holder. What I loved most about it was the fact that I can easily snap the carseat onto the frame and not having to worry about taking the boys in and out of their carseats to the stroller and vice versa.

Once the boys turned 6-7 months they got heavier (obvs) and taking turns on the Snap n Go were just hard to maneuver. I've had my eye on the City Mini-bought it and I love it to death. You should definitely check this stroller out it's side by side and fits through every door we've pushed it through and its LIGHT! It feels like I'm pushing air its so light feeling. Down sides are that it doesn't have a cup holder and the storage underneath is minimal. I still love the stroller anyways. You also have the option of just buying the City Mini and buying bars that you can attach that you can snap in the car seats- but each bar is $60 so I figured I'd save money getting the Snap N Go.

-Play pen:

Mason and Treyden using the play pen as a ball pitt
I originally didn't plan on getting a play pen- My god-sister gave my her old play pen and I use it at grandma's house ALL the time. We bring it out into the yard and onto the porch when we have family BBQs and also leave it in the living room so they can play. We received 100 mini play balls as a gift once and pour it into the play pen to make a mini ball pitt for the boys and they love it. Once the boys leave Grandma's she just throws all their toys into the play pen and put it in my old room so she uses it as a toy chest/storage as well (lol)--so many uses, who knew?

-Baby sling
- you really don't need one, but I loved mine. I saw these ( in the back of one of those baby magazines at the doctor's offices. I used mine mostly when the boys were younger. My son Mason use to wake up 30-40 minutes earlier than Treyden and I would just put him in the sling and have access to 1 hand, maybe sometimes 1 & 1/2 hands. He loved the sling because it held him close to my body and was never fussy about it. Since then I've gained weight and my boobs got huge so the sling no longer fits me but my sister uses it when she holds the boys on her hip. They also sell some at Marshalls and Babiesrus. I looked online and they had a promo at and all you had to do was pay shipping and handling.

As goes the other baby carriers- we received 2 baby kangaroo slings that we never used. It's currently collecting dust. It was a cool baby shower present but I wish my finance didn't open the boxes so we could have returned it or exchanged for something else.  The boys never fit into it properly and it either pinched them in the thigh or spread their legs too far apart. I must of read the directions 2-3 times to make sure I was using it correctly but no. To this day I have yet to figured it out. If you're a parent that really wants this, I would recommend waiting until the baby is born so you can see which one that's most comfortable for you and baby or holding onto the receipt just in case you'll need to return it.

-Lotion, baby shampoo, diaper rash cream: We got Johnson & Johnson brand lotion and shampoo from the baby shower and still use to this day. I will say that zinc oxide/ Desitine cream(for diaper rashes) didn't work well with my boys. We use Aquaphor ointment and works like a charm. They barely get diaper rashes anymore but with the Aquaphor, its usually gone by the next diaper changing.

-Baby Nail Clipper/ porcelain nail filer: their nails grow soooo fast! if you're scared to cut their nail- you can use the nail filer. :D

-Bath tub: The boys were so tiny when they were first born I was actually able to fit them both in a salad bowl in my kitchen sink (btw, SUCH a cute photo opt!) We just used a normal tub- nothing fancy just the little blue tub that you find at babiesrus or target or any other baby store. You only need one. Once the boys turned one, we stopped using the tub and let them bathe together. I would advise you to get a stool or something you can sit on because it does a number on your back to sit on the floor leaning forward and getting up and down every night.You will also need wash cloths and towels for your babies.

-Glider: it makes those long nights oh so much easier.

-Diaper Bag: you'll be putting so much stuff in here its not even funny. I would recommend something that has nice handles so you can swing on or  even better across over your shoulder(like a messenger bag). I make my finance carry mines all the time bc it gets so heavy- you might want to keep your significant other in mind when picking one out

-Baby "stationary entertainer": they started using this around 5 months. We only got one- they can share. If money is tight, you can practically almost always be able to find a used one on craigslist-- another option would be the one that hangs from the door. This is good for developing muscles in their legs.

-Baby bouncer(2): I got one for each baby. you'll want something that you can leave your infant in while he/she is awake so they can play in. I got the deluxe infant to toddler rocker ( just because I tried to get stuff that I could get the most benefit out of.

-Books: you'll want a variety to get those little brains stimulated. You can even ask people to bring books and write a message in the cover instead of buying a card for the baby shower- there's cute poems that's been surfing around on the Internet that you can use as your invitation.
           "Although cards are nice with their sentiment and prayer,
             They're read once or twice then tucked away with care.
             A book is a treasure, words and pictures unite
             Read over and over to teach and delight.
             So instead of a card for Baby and mother,
             Please give a child's book with your thoughts in the cover.
             Your book will be cherished; God will watch from above,
             When it's read they will remember your kindness and love."
            "We can't wait to see you at the shower
             When (mom-to-be's name) will be the woman of the hour
             We have one request we hope isn't too hard
             Please sign your name to a book instead of a card
             Then mom and dad will be ready when the baby arrives
             To read to their darling for the rest of their live" 

-Humidifier:You'll want cool mist. If you want steam- just run the shower for 10 minutes. We bought this one: and LOOOVEE it!


okay, that's a little list of stuff to get you started.  I hope this was helpful :D

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